Thursday, August 30, 2018

20mm 1/72 Plastic Napoleonics

1/300 over last Few months

Monday, July 6, 2015

Returning Soon 2015 July

Yep, time to get Ready for a Restart or a New Continuance ANY DAY NOW

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feb 2011 Books in a Continuing Saga

So Going through Camera and grabbing all the stuff i have back up in Files, And was not Blogging at the Beginning of the Year So some Catch ups

 More and More of my Michael Reynolds

Half the marked Price why not for $7.50

And on the List so at $6 bucks, Find Out more of the D-Day Resistance by SOE

Again for $10 bucks Unfortunately the That the Two shops within walking distance shut down One was just a Temporary rental Shop, But they always seem to do 50% SALES . there are still Several left in the CBD etc

But a Good reference from Amber books One In A series of  Fighting Techniques books, Fighting Ships, Napoleonic etc

More of the Osprey WWII reprints (re packaged(er Licenced)) Up to 39 of 52

Exactly the Same as the Osprey Campaign But Hard Bound, Good Basic reference as a Start The Pacific titles I might not have bought But grounding into Tarawa, Pelilu etc for Future Wargaming

And this Takes the Prize (The Cake) It was $10 in the End and wish i had of bought the Pile of them
as there is not Much that isn't in here, Divisional Write Ups, Order of Battle for certain campaigns
Aircraft types amount Built, Ships , Prime Ministers and Presidents of the 1914 -18, Employment rates, GNP
etc etc

If you see this Buy this and If I get around to Buying the World War II Databook (On the List!)
Same Authors Ellis and Cook..

Just full of Tables which seem to be Fairly well researched