Sunday, April 18, 2010

28 mm old Ral Partha paint

Ral Partha TWILIGHT 2000

ooops an arty shot

Was going through and sorting all my 20mm metal moderns Platoon 20 and Skytrex and others
putting them in plastic compartment trays, when i decided that as i have had these figures for 25 years, i wouls stat painting them up,

The photo's are late in the day, But more of a progress report than anything
There are some Soviets somewhere, and i actually did paint some U.S infantry which are somewhere in this blog , But will re post in part two.

and the original scans of the figs at 100 and 150%:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wargames Factory The Begining

the First Motherload

And the first five sprues:

the Zulus

The Zulu Weapons sprue

Zulu Wars British Firing Line

And Early roman Auxillary Cavalry

and the Horses sprue Generic to the Celt War Chariots and Cavalry and the Germanic Cavalry

And the sprues and packaging as they come:

Esci ZULU war British

old painted Esci british 24th Regiment??:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hat Netherlands Napoleonic

The start of the hat Waterloo 1815 Dutch Belgian army for the 100 days campaign:
the second attempt

The boxes:

Waterloo 1815 Dutch artillery in progress

and set out the sprues of cavalry and Infantry to go

and where they are stored in a basic Trumpeter 1/72 kit box:

Next up more Cavalry and Nassau plus Command (by Waterloo 1815 ) and Militia

and more paint work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Plastic 1/72 Napoleonics

Some work in progress years ago revell British Artillery:

In situation in Mainly Military base

And the Hat set from Sailors and Marines:

Will be doing these again

but anyone know where to get the Revell British infantry and Artillery sets from
long ago deleted need several boxes of each

And the Lifeguards as well?!


1/87 Poilzei Collection

Just going through my old phots and found these three

My Collection of Emergency vechiles laid out

On the 2nd plan of the Emergency Station/ Fire Station

This time i still have all these Vechiles and all the fire engines
(anyway they were in a previous blog)