Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Scenary 20mm

found a few 20mm odds and sods in a box, well OK i knew they were there just had to pull them out and grab the camera.

So The Britannia or "from"  Atlantic wall defence, So if you want me to paint a commision of scenary or Build anything:

And the next shots are a Vietnam era sandbagged HQ etc from Frontline Hobbies, I had the whole firebase and etc but lost in a giant box of scenary i mean there was a hell of alot of 1/300 and 1/72,28mm,20mm
stuff which i am surprised that nothing has turned up anywhere ie E-bay etc,

I ended up losing the roof (roof parts)which was all palm leaves etc and corugated iron sheets on sandbags,
with a lookout, section, MG post


anyhow more editing of Blogs and publishing coming up
there is a tonne

cheers Karcuss

Tactical Symbol question?

A question for you to answer?

The photo is from World at War issue "What if Hitler went East?"
and is a from the German army disposition OOB from 1940

Now the Question is what is the line around the the Army Group "Kliest" represent?:

 And again over the Divisional unit "Verfuhgungs" which is the fore runner of Das Reich ala 1942 when numbering also was started (later)
Any answer greatly received, it is annoying me, But not losing sleep YET??

cheers Karcuss

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another bottom drop

This time a quick clearing for all scales will diaroma it up, Just as a Gun emplacement or HQ or ???

But a 1/76 Sd.Kfz 250/9 Neu as well

And some 1/300 scale  Hummels (Ok 1/285)

Friday, October 8, 2010

More books

Continuing my Osprey collection with The Newsagent supplied Battles of World War II , No 12# St. Nazaire
seemed to have missed No 10# Pearl Harbour

So a few page shots:
And the latest doubling up on the Photos of the Crete one                                                                                                                                                                   

Also one I obtained a few weeks ago from Amber books, they are reprints or redone and there are about 15
(well more all the time mostly on World War Two subjects Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, PanzerGrenadier Divisions and Such)!. Will Blog as I get more.

just a taste of what is inside, and as said not a bad book. You would possibly go into more specific books
for more information etc.

on as you can guess WW1 aircraft a good source book and ideas for 1/300 (or other scales I pressume)
The only problem is it is only profiles so need to to do top wings, But have enough sources of German Camoflage and those Fokker D.VIIs etc stripes etc. But for a more than basic grasp and TO&E etc,
But yes for my looming 1/300 WW1 project

Cheers Karcuss