Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shots from above

Shots in the scanner bed box

Sytrex 251/7D engineers 20mm

Skytrex Cromwell

Matchbox Sherman Firefly 1/76

Various recon elements British world war two

Hasegawa M3 HT as British M9

Skytrex BTR 60 20mm

British AC Hasegawa and Matchbox

Britannia JS-2 and t-34/85Ostmodel SUs 122 and 152 and JS-2

Modern Esci???? abrams and Skytrex Bradley M2/M3

Work box World War Two Skytrex, Britannia, Matchbox, Hasegawa, frontline etc

A converted amoured front and turret t-34 Fujimi 1/76
Skytrex British Centaur and Cromwell with a Matchbox Firefly

The Skytrex Centaur

Above the work area 1/300 in progress

part of one my big haul paint workings M10s and Shermans, Landing craft etc
U.S A.A, and panzerjagers German Softskins

But basically a reienforcement of my existing forces

So waiting to see these guys again at E-bay or at a Wargames show

Cheers Karcuss

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A one off Warhammer 40K

having a look around my files found this idea i did some Space Marines in this plan art stage
So actually having the Original army figures minus all but one was worth painting really well
But will find them one day painted in Choas black undercoat and some in half the above

Got off the Warhammer idea as the abundance of figures and rule changes etc
But had a hell of lot and the original box of Plastic Space Marines. Still owed Money for a Sale back in 1999 when i ridded myself maybe unwisely of some Surplus Marines.

So now i'm buying all the Plastic Wargames Factory, Warlords, Victrix, Perry but am Happy as they are Historical and able to paint up move on and grab more.

BOX of 1/87 finally is re opened

on top of the box:

the box opens to reveal the bottom at least
Some of the U.S roco I had collected, The NAM stuff is all gone who knows where althiugh a lot of FORD MUTTS survived

Poleizi vechiles from around Melbourne shops till the mid 90s

And a tonne of Fuerwehr and Polezei Vechiles from dad and myself from 1988 upwards

A trip to Dandenong Hauls this in late last Year

Some more items to the collection and the start of 1/144 DML
but most 1/35 stuff and all at just at 50% off

More later always

THE STASH part one

Look out on top of the bookcase

Look out the cupboard is full of Modern 1/72

You sould see the rest of the House!

Working archive late 2009

Dragon M1A1 and Bradley being worked on

Mix of UM Trumpeter Italeri and Dragon 1/72 kits based on t/34 explaining the SU

PST double up from Facebook

Just some shots from my Facebook entry today to show the Russian company PST
So boxes and sprues of the JS series

Just the main body and turret taken out to show work in progress

and two shots od ISU JSU SU ??? will do these again when they are finished
So more track work and weathering