Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1/300 Concrete Airbase

Ok another one appears, but this is what i actually wanted to do in the first place, A neutral type Modern place where Aircraft are parked (sort of thing)

So i pencilled it rough, and the inked out with ruler and pen.
I decided on a angle to give it that well you can see works a bit better as it is only a photo backor bottom drop.
So you can see how it works!
 All acyrlic poster type paints and some tamiya XF -20 and others (Field grey) as Concrete and then roads in and dirt etc, Then redoing the lines with a .5mm black pen etc,
And the final almost finished but usable, with mild weathering and a pencil to mark out wear and tear and mild cracking must have been a B-52 or F-111 there at some Stage!
And all we need is to grass it, and she is done

More later Karcuss

Any requests???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some updates and other bits (LST part 4# etc)

Fixing a broken Tail plane on a Dambuster 
Just kept on trying to Super Glue or Something with my Scotia Lancaster Dambuster to no avail, So thought as it was under side a Guitar string and a drilled double hole would be the best bet. So a dab of Super Glue and the Tailplane back on I hope Permently! 


And onto trying to fix the LST height, I found a foam box which was the correct Height at (to make 22mm)
But now thinking of doing the whole thing in Balsa wood anyhow!!!??? (well can do both, But goes into my 1/72 Brown Water Navy in Vietnam)


And Scratch Building a Turret for a KV2, Scratching my Head for Scratch Building ideas. If I was doing resin i would have been able to do one of, But even the window putty would not cure.
So after cutting up Plastic and gluing it was down to melting a sprue into the right size blob as in carefully melting it without it burning black smoke then pusing into a hard surface ie Metal. and then with a file and craft knife making into the required shape. Just caution and better to keep file or sanding down than have a re-start!!
and a very rough turret but painted up who will know ha HA HA (sprung now, had to be done)
Sort of know i can sculpt a bit better and have found a new Medium some of my Ideas may come about a bit quicker err Maybe.........

The only way to find the actual one i did as i forgat to do the final shot is to cut the large phot of the commision I did it in?!

Any more later Karcuss

1/300 more bottomdrops (the Beach)

Ok so on a roll do another Back drop or bottomdrop this time, as a beachhead and the other end a sort of river bank just for Landing craft, and Amphibous stuff

In progress will grass and sand up, but only took me maybe 5 minutes in an hour to do.

Some Land Wasser Schleppers at Gibralter (maybe??)

      and Japanese Type 2 Ka Mi tanks? as unwilling extras (I'm working on them PW) , they gave me the idea

Just to do quick phots etc. there is also a Concrete aircraft park and a clearing for artillery and such on the way.

Cheers Karcuss

Thursday, September 23, 2010

first Sparrow Castings Sherman Firefly

So a Resin Firefly i picked up about 18 months ago at a swap meet A Centaur, Cromwell, two Fireflys, A Zimmeritt panther, Brumbar, M3 Stuart (A3) Sdkfz 250/1 and 250/9 which are somewhere on the Blog.
But let the Photos do their stuff! As going through my drafts and publish them out.

The other Firefly is in Progress so will turn up!, They are (1/76) look similar to others?? But have not seen them anywhere since and they did do Italians, Russians, US, British and Germans with a smattering of others starting up

Anyhow more of these later

cheers Karcuss 

Friday, September 17, 2010

What a load of Pollarks

Basing my 1/300 and other ideas for bigger scales: First is my base plate painted in a Neutral type ground representation with some Sd.Kfz 250 for a look to see 
Just a mix of Greens and Light/ Dark Browns in good Artists Acylics,on some Heavy card Black /White 5mm at A3 which i obtained several sheets for nada. 

So wait to dry and then do the scribing 
So they end up looking like "Jason?" "Pollack" lost works (Huh??) "Sorry about that Chief!"

So on the flip side just draw out the base sizes as required and cut with a nice sharp Stanley Knife with Band aids and a good thick old Magazine or Newspaper to cut into

More stuff later
Cheers Karcuss

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1/300 Airfield base for Photo set

Just did this in about 20 minutes Just Now as an Idea for a diaroma base for taking photos
Will be doing a beach for 1/300 landing craft and well everthing, Just So I can keep on blogging more ideas
and showing off my work,

So the first one is my drawn up Penciled Runway and exit/entry turnoff and a Vechiles roadway

Quick bit of brown round the edges, and some Cadium and lighter brown as filler,
Will touch up and Green, Maybe some Static Grass Galeforce9

And basically what i will be using it for, Getting my drift, I will work out the lines etc more black
and possibly Grey it down with Concrete Lines etc 

Any ideas, More as i finish this off

Cheers Karcuss


From a Lot of shots from about exactly a year ago in a Blog i have sitting in my drafts.
Bit of artistic licence

The Tower of Sprues all from Wargames Factory

The Generic Horse sprue:

A TONNE of Zulus and Ancient Roman Enemies as per my other Wargames Factory Stuff

Chariots, Horses, Zulus, 1880s British, Romans, Celts, Ancient Germans

Maybe now I can start painting, alomg with Perry Victrix stuff and hundreds of 1/300 and other and other and other stuff