Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working here but it was 2005


And another workbench

More Scales more work, more work, more scales, wargaming and modelling

a lot of stuff and ideas here and again one day they will have to cross my path again
But now just doing new projects, And keeping my eyes open and ears, ....

(lost) misc. work and things one scale to another

Hasegawa Mobelwagen and Flakwagen waited to be fitted with armament

modification made to Hasegawa 251 to make 251/22 and 1946 251 full I.F.V

My cigar box full of Esci, Airfix and Matchbox Moderns (so if you got this off e-bay at some stage)

Varoius WW2 1/300 scale bits and pieces scenary for Atlantic wall etc
i still have all these

Airfix 1/32 scale Paratroop Officer (he was the Guardian of the Collection)

Mainly Military Budha sits it out in my vegie patch

Some 1/300 bits and Bobs 1!

Some Soviet Artillery and Stalin's Organs with various tanks from Scotia

1/300 Shermans to make a Company minus HQ all from "IN SERVICE MINIATURES "
i think??? Sandbagged, Wooden Armour, And Mesh side

On the Carpetmost of a few Companies out of a German Armoured recce unit and some 251/17s
and other softskins. And for once I still have all these, and am about to weather and varnish them.

A hell of a lot of Scotia HTs and Trucks with a mix of H&R and Skytrex and Irregular
as my softskin, Armoured Infantry and M5 reece unit, and tank Transporters etc
for my good ole U.S army. These are no longer in my pocession.

The Blood and Bath

A bit more of Mainly Militaries 25mm Tavern
there will be no more shots as i Have no more
but to show my work (or if i ever get this back, i can put a few more drunks in front) and a great centre piece this was to be for my Napoleonic's But will buy it again from the Boy's at Mainly Military

fronline 1/76 Models

Frontline 20mm Sd.Kfz 234/1, Sd.Kfz 251/drilling and I.R panther

Frontline Miniatures 20mm I.R panther

lost Dragon 1/35 in progress


Stalingrad set (no#6019)

from Cross of Iron set (no#6006) and another shot of same

Conversion into Field polizei via Ron Volstad artwork in Osprey publication

German Fallscrimjager from set dragon set 6005

1/300 scale German Ambush scheme

The Ambush circle

And at a smaller accurate scan

and three in a diaroma type situation using mainly Military base

Similar shots to above thes three
these are the same basically but will load as 1 to 1 in 1/300:

All models are over 18 (they are too)
And a mix of Navwar, Scotia
I will refer Navwar as H&R as the same thing etc

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hasegawa German WW2

Work in Progress on various Hasegawa 1/72

Using a Mainly Military backdrop for display

One of the jagdpanzers in the backyard

Flakpanzer on the go

The "PUMA" in progress

Moderns in the Backyard

Hasegawa 1/72 Abrams well one of them

two shots of Skytrex 20mm Bradley M2/M3

Out in the yard 20mm Skytrex M113 A.C.A.V

Skytrex M113 A.C.A.V behind the wall of Mainly Military Firebase

all these boys are missing in Action hopefully one day will be able to find them on E-bay or such

Hasegawa and Friends in the Back yard

Britannia Miniatures JSII

... and with Ostmodels 3 JSI? JSU SU 122 152 etc

Hasegawa 3 251 kits 251/9, /1, /22

......In profile the 3 again

Various British recon Matchbox Humber Hasegawa Humber Damiler M3HT and ?? resin Humber S/c
The 3 again in another shot