Friday, September 30, 2011

1/300 Germans etc

                       GHQ Hummels

 Lancaster in Progress try hand painting the Markings, waiting for Camo......

Canberra ? that Skippy should be on the Roundel as for Vietnam Era R.A.A.F

German Glider WWII in progress DFS 230 and Gotha 242 with others worked on

1/300 back dated Swedish

Going through the Camera whilst i had my communication problem with the card and the Computer, SAAB Grippens and Viggens
 More of the SAAB Grippens and Viggens

Try to paint four Modern Swedish AF aircraft as Generic as possible, So looking at some 1/72 kits and Phots from Web Searches, thought might do this as well

    Earlier shots of S tanks in progress of an Alternative Camouflage, pre the Brown

Thursday, September 29, 2011

books on Berlin new old and replaced


 there is a theme in all these 2nd Hand Books that i was unaware of 
Just coincidence 
 Now about 50+ of these replacments from the Local second hand Op Shop In fact a Good Friend came over to the Newsagents I was  in and suggested, I Buy them. I was sold at First anyhow, and the price $10 the lot:

 Replace of Anton Beevons, No point not having it again Theme Starts from the Top Down now

 And this has been sitting on the Chapel Street Bazaars shelf for some time, so needed a new Home!

 And Yet another from Down the Street

 Ok, three boks on Berlin 1945 and several Magazines I assume

And As i was leaving the Second hand dealer on The Windsor railway Bridge, there were several boxes of books, I didn't go through them all but
Replaced an oldy but a goody Some Good Colour photos in this collection and the prices were dropped down for me


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Bench Archive over the last Year

Just odds and sods from my camera

More of these projects later......
and more archived photos

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LST in Balsa repairs to Bow

So discovering that using a Stanley knife and a hand saw are not the Best for Angles will remedy in the Future
And wood is a Fibreous Material prone to cracking bending warping Esp. In the direction you don't want

 So a fair amount of cracking etc happened and mis Shaping etc, So made a Paper Machee Slurry of warm water, PVA (wood glue) and patched up and have let dry....

So will sand back and see how we go.......

Part 3 soon

1/6th Bath Time SAS Jeep

The SAS jeep gets a Bath:

Here is the offending articles to be prepped for painting

 Probably dropped the local water table, But in the bath with some soap solution for a quick 5 minute rinse

 And we are having good days at present, But windy as when i put them in the Back yard to Dry

So ready for pre lim etc

More as I Undercoat and Build


Monday, September 26, 2011

LST in Balsa Now

Ok so I finally Got around to buying some things ie Balsa wood plank which was about $10 so around a third of the Original plan:

                 Up against the planning board
The First pencilling and engraving

              Against the  paper cut out original
                      The Sugery commences
                We have two halves almost
           Let the cutting begin, the lesson is any curves use a model saw thin....

One half ready for it's partner needed to make up to 25mm in height 12.5mm x2
Plank size was 90cm long 75mm wide (?) and about 12.5mm (?13mm)

         Done the deed is?

      Just some PVA (Wood Glue) and a little warm water to spread it out!

       Both the halves glued and clamped, let them dry overnight:
Out in the Setting Sun it starts to take shape, just some repairs to the Bow and more sanding....

Have done work to Bow (making a paper machee slury of Balsa) and more of this later
Cheers Karcuss