Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work the first week of April

this week in Aprils box of things UUM soviet su 85s

Trumpeters Stryker
the bogies Generic fro Roden 231 232 233 etc
and where they will end up

and the Saharian keeps on getting more things done to it

 Work from photo's taken in April
Roden And Hasegawa ACs and ex Esci now Italeri Stug and Hetzer

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The part two of the LST

cutting out the bottom and top of the template
Also now deciding to maybe do It in Balsa wood as seen The Great one been done in 1/87 on yahoo groups    

too high at 4 cm about 22mm or 2cm debating

See part three done writing and part  four on the way

Monday, July 26, 2010

the start of FOW a few appertisers

Ok so here is some shots of my first foray into FOW about a Year ago I did these, But for once only doing this little bit by little, So my first three packs which were discounted and seemed to be a cross section.
More a Photo Essay anyways.....

 And like the Scwimmwagen appeal with panzerfausts etc

So have a few more HG Panzershrecks and Sd.Kfz 251/17s, thinking about 250s and Mortars to make
a 1500 point Kamfgruppe Karcuss (hmmmm Brumbars??)

Cheers Karcuss

(More FOW in the draft and in the BLOG file in my USB)

The Lost Legions Work Area

Just digging around my photo's as i rename and delete doubles etc, And have a file set up to go to Photo print, So I can do some replacement work and use my old schemes and ideas

and i hope i haven't doulbled up too much on previous,or have an unpublished blog somewhere which i will finish later there are about 30 to come in next few weeks as well as the Stuff i do on the spot such as the last few

20 mm Dixon and Skytrex Scouts etc

Dixon and Skytrex Soviet Scouts

And some shots of them one of my old Diaroma photo shot bases

Pencil plans for various ideas in progress

the plans for a 1/72 armoured turret cover for M10 etc
to be done in brasstic??

shots with an Achilles but you get the idea of the turret top

                      And more projected plans for The Brown Water War in 1/ 72 scale (20mm) working out that maybe Balsa might be a goer but want to do in Plasticard then resin from a possible mold??
plans for Helipads and canvas covers etc to make Zippo's Command boats, Monitor's etc Hospital or Evac boats. See how this project goes

deck plans for HQ and Helipad
And the actual old plans from years ago for THE BROWN WATER WAR VN
Monitor and front end for various
more on this later as i do the Build but the LST first up