Monday, December 28, 2009

1/72 Hat German Motorcycles

ALL the Hat motorcycles I have at present

and that would be nine (and actually remembered the BMW set is still on the sprue but painted)
Not here

Still have to get the original single set again(Zundapp) set as converted

Using the BMW and Zundapp created a Zundapp sidecar and single Bmw simply by attaching the sidecar to the to the Zundapp and using the BMW as single Motorcycles




Still need the last box And the Italeri additions and the crews and handlebars will appear
and i just relised that there is thre sprues of Painted BMW s in the box
So three quarters of the Motorcycles I have

1/72 cigar box stuff

The cigar box comes out with HAt Caeser and Zvezda

Winter Germans from Caeser

Bits and peices

And in the bookcase tray

1/300 R.A.F

The survivors of my fighters all the Mossies Spits and Tempest Typhoons are MIA

A box full of Bombers all available Skytrex Navwar Scotia minus the Short Stirlings Navwar

Project Young Guard

The test of browns on the Firearms better that i use all three variants

Revell Old Guard Chasseurs

Hat Young Guard in Greatcoat

The first shot as progress out of the box:


In the first or second coat of blue:
One day will do again although with some more young Guard as regular Infantry and with some Hat middle Guard

Revell and Hat among the massive plastic collection i once owned and am replacing

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Italeri I/72 scale helo and a Matchbox

Working on some Helos, some years back now. (all gone now, to who knows where)
Italeri Uh-1B ?? an OH-6
and in the back : If they are ever findable or re issued The Matchbox OH-58 Kiowa (had two of these)
one converted to a single rotor blade Ie: Vietnam era
and i forgot the old Cobra AH-1 also by Matchbox they wouln't go astray via the Wargames table.!?

rep ITALERI 1/72 040 UH-1B "HUEY" (gunship) 2#


Cheers Karcuss

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1/300 Modern Air Cushioned (scotia)

The LCAC should get 4 or 5 when I ever replace these

Scota Ship to Shore STS-08 L.C.A.C lcac about (8.50 pounds sterling)

The Scotia Lebed and AIST:

Scota Ship to Shore STS-12 LEBED about (8 pounds sterling)

will replace these as a lot of ten and sell off or sawp to have about 6 Lebed i did have this one and two others in store

Scota Ship to Shore STS 38 AIST ACV about (18 pounds sterling)
(mee thinks that is the weight as well)

had this and another in store, but next time 3!

Both the AIST and Lebed with different scanner lighting
again before i had my Macro you beaut IXUS 95 camera:

A V-2 diorama in 1/300

Just a quick couple of shots from 2005 when I grab
The Mainly Military roads, I was in the midst of detailing up
and various Scotia and Navwar vechiles and did a quick snap on the spur!.

and another shot with other work in the back ground.

Oh the V-2 is from irregular miniatures and comes with launch pad and trailer!

1/72 Recce and...

Some 1/72 scans from about three years ago
again with the scanner upside down:
(No camera back then)

But a Comparison of Hasegawa and Dragon 251/1D basic interior

and just the Hasegawa 251 as scanned
234s and converted 251 from Hasegawa with the Dragon 251 with the lid on

Other various Airfix 222, Italeri (esci) 250/9, the Hasegawa 251 again, Puma and Dragon Panther F

Hasegawa 'Puma' scanned

The start of the Dragon Stug just to show what i did with the scanner

And some Caesar Late war germans to be '44 SS infantry circa LAH division Normandy or so
ready for pea pattern etc, and three years on still waiting

Monday, December 21, 2009

German transport 1/300

A box full of German various equipment, Most of which are no longer in my possesion
mostly the loss of the softskin Scotia stuff is a blow:

But from the days of 2MP camera's and no macro or limited , and as i have said before a matter of flipping the scanner upside down and around, and i did make a depth box as placing the metal figures units on glass is not good as there is a slight vibration from the scanner, Sratchhhhh!!

cheers Karcuss

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


the top of it all 2008 1/72 work:

and on in an angle

And suddenly the table isn't big enough as more appear

They say that 90% in the art world means the work is finished
but i suppose not complete:

wait to see how much i didn't do in 2009
more every year on this
But only once a year