Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Marines from Skytrex

Just trying use up some Tamiya  green Olive Green Xf-58 with some watering down has come up on these Skytrex Firefight 20 U.S Vietnam figures 
so the start of another Blog will be missing figures Platoon 20 missing numbers The Battlefield Miniatures missing doing an Excel sheet at some Stage!?.
and some other Platoon 20 stuff in the box probably about 500 metal figures there is the whole Modern range and 95% of the Vietnam range with some Hotspur (now is well under Stonwell Games??) and most of the Nam Skytrex>
And a cigar box full of Platoon 20 U.S Vietnam figures painted 10 years plus back, But back into Service very soon, missing the few civilians and the Water buffaloe and the M48s  M113 etc

So anyone who can find the olde Quality Cast ??? sets of Vietnam
or someone who can furnish the molds (or is it Moulds)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more books, more on Wargaming

So picked up these Gems over the last week

 Found this one and was about $15 so thought about it and went back, and bought a few more at a discount
from 1976, But because it is Peter Chamberlain , is  a good point. and Terry Gander
But some vechiles i didn't know about (variants) and clears up the M30 to M32 thingy, but vechiles as variants of others
etc B2 etc etc and where all the Grant/Lees went to, to make...
 Well till I publish my own Sherman book, Or vechiles from the Allies

 Then this one at $12 which is from 1990-1? But seemed  to worth the start in old Wargaming Books and rules, Which i am about to Venture in , More about replacing Command Decision, Shako, Firefly etc etc
and Twilight 2000 and some other Role playing Board Games.

 More about theory and what is about (albiet 20 years past) such as Militara (now Battlefield minus a lot of items)

And last a replacement book from the Soviet perspective, A good read but well it is from the Cold War
good to cross reference. And have in my library anyhow.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grenadier's Twilight 2000

TWILIGHT 2000 by Grenadier Miniatures circa 1985 


the whole bunch get together for a Picnic reunion  

Heavy weapons there are also two pack mules loaded up but these have Ral Partha on the bases so no prizes for guessing who made them. (haven't takem a photo of them yet either!!!)
 So apparently missing a few sets

And the dusty Ral Partha  Twilight 2000 figures U.S Infantry  have 25 figures but 4 doubles as and one is a triple see Warsaw pact photo in a sec.

look at them at Home on my Dusty shelf

and here it is Warsaw Pact: Ral Partha
The other set is in An Earlier Blog and am in process of painting them

the Platoon 20 (6) 2 Polish Guys and 4 females


Because this Blog was more about me searching through old stuff from an idea 1/87 Military  yahoo Group
and re lighting the fire i suppose as Twilight 2000 sees a bit or resurgance and there is now 2013 as well!
I have moved some of my Guys into a New apartment block poor old Esci Vietcong by Himself
Metal versus Plastic rasicm. Ha Ha

and the old boxes that Platoon 20 would send there Shipments in come in useful, but this how they are stored in a bigger box withh most of My Vietnam (skytrex as well)  and Moderns from Platoon 20

more on the Platoon 20 and work started on Green Marines etc as i write my next Blog in Prep.

Cheers All Karcuss

More Osprey Battles of World War II

More and more books appearing But still going on my Osprey Newsagent collection up to 8# CRETE 1941

and squeezed in there

Monday, August 9, 2010

Undercoat on the Flames Of War 251/17

just a quick Blog of stuffing around with dry brushing and undercoat of A FOW 251/17 
It has ended up in Dark Yellow base coat, But just has a good effect so may as well post for comment

tool boxes for soldiers or?



some compartment boxes brought from Officeworks and The reject shop for all those bits and bob's but great for all my collecyion toy soldiers

the big $5 one from the Reject Shop

$ 2.80 KEJI from Officeworks (Australia)

                                and these are $2 and the only thing is the compartments are set
                                               but seem to be the right size anyhow
                                 Pushing to get a platoon but two sections of 20mm work out OK

So a tonne of Platoon 20 and Skytrex and the Grenadier miniatures Twilight 2000 figures 
more of that in the Blog after this

and lastly but not leastly the 2 for $2 shallow lunch boxes they have a deeper one ar a similar deal but have yet to use them for anything, But maybe Artillery and Cavalry in 28mm, see when i get around to making up my Victrix Perry and Warlord Games stuff Napoleonics and Ancients

just right for painting projects etc as the 1/300th stuff shows

cheers Karcuss

errata straight up:

another shot of the reject shop $2 compartment box

and the large Fridge tray food tray
with some 1/300 work in it

and found some shots of the deeper Lunchbox from the Reject shop and still selling 2 for $2.50 about 3 inches high.

Friday, August 6, 2010


What a Bargain at $15
would have payed $16 for this one

I hope they don't mind me taking pictures and showing this book off
But it is Great and full of useful Information on WW2 and reading all types of Maps
Basically what the book is about, Great stuff on the Mid War years and how they found ways to fly from place to place.

all the Air force bases in the UK WW2 and Forward Air bases in France etc 1944+I
I will re edit this or if interested find or should i say put in the ISBN etc but it is from the Smithsonian press as in the Mueseum so should not be hard to find. I hope Dana is writing more as this book is worth it.