Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shots from above

Shots in the scanner bed box

Sytrex 251/7D engineers 20mm

Skytrex Cromwell

Matchbox Sherman Firefly 1/76

Various recon elements British world war two

Hasegawa M3 HT as British M9

Skytrex BTR 60 20mm

British AC Hasegawa and Matchbox

Britannia JS-2 and t-34/85Ostmodel SUs 122 and 152 and JS-2

Modern Esci???? abrams and Skytrex Bradley M2/M3

Work box World War Two Skytrex, Britannia, Matchbox, Hasegawa, frontline etc

A converted amoured front and turret t-34 Fujimi 1/76
Skytrex British Centaur and Cromwell with a Matchbox Firefly

The Skytrex Centaur

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