Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Scenary 20mm

found a few 20mm odds and sods in a box, well OK i knew they were there just had to pull them out and grab the camera.

So The Britannia or "from"  Atlantic wall defence, So if you want me to paint a commision of scenary or Build anything:

And the next shots are a Vietnam era sandbagged HQ etc from Frontline Hobbies, I had the whole firebase and etc but lost in a giant box of scenary i mean there was a hell of alot of 1/300 and 1/72,28mm,20mm
stuff which i am surprised that nothing has turned up anywhere ie E-bay etc,

I ended up losing the roof (roof parts)which was all palm leaves etc and corugated iron sheets on sandbags,
with a lookout, section, MG post


anyhow more editing of Blogs and publishing coming up
there is a tonne

cheers Karcuss

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