Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wargames factory second Haul

a blog from a Year ago that i Just hadn't edited i missed the Germanic Infantry sprue scan so here it is

                        I will let the above phots speak for themselves as they are the five packs

                        And these as they are the Layout of each pack:

Wargames Factory CELT WARBAND                             $25
Wargames Factory ANCIENT GERMAN WARRIORS    $24
Wargames Factory CELTIC CAVALRY                          $30
Wargames Factory ANCIENT GERMAN CAVALRY     $20
Wargames Factory CELTIC CHARIOTS                          $20

 Generic Wargames Factory Horse Sprue

   Celt Warband sprues

    Celt Command sprue as in Warband and Chariots

Celt weapons sprue

 Celtic Chariots Sprue

The Germanic (above) and Celtic (below) Cavalry Sprues

And the Germanic Infantry

 Weapons Spruefor the Germanics

And the Romans Cavalry Sprue as well was downloaded but will leave as a comparison

Next up Warlord Games when i get around to It

cheers from Karcuss Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year

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