Friday, May 20, 2011

Brick paper (from a 1/87 idea)

    Just a rough test 2cm by 3cm and then on left a block of 2cm by 5cm

                                 with a quick free hand and paint test Acyrilic

 Just with a a pencil and ruler making the brick (layers) 2mm high, then a fine line black pen over the pencil,
 and freehanding a pattern of brickwork

With a paint test (Cadium yellow  paint)
a 15mm FOW HG panzergrenadier and my cardboard wood panel (floor)

And then just painting in different colours to make that brick wall (this is just a rough test)
So took about ten minutes, and was Just something on my list of things that shoould be done

i will do some more seeing as it is quick and try to do some actual Mortared (white) cemented

The idea is to make a work sheet A4 but possibly 20 cm by 10 cm to use as 15mm-28mm
1/100 - 1/56 scale (1/87-1/72) and be able to use as building Material


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