Friday, June 25, 2010

Magazines for Hobby and research part.3

Military history and such mostly world war two:

three from Weider History Network


Armchair General:

Military History:

And 2 from :

The Newish World at War
which is mostly on the Second World War or events effects pre and post

The old Stategy and tactics

The Great "Britain at War" all about the British empire in the last few wars more on the last 100 years with the main bit on the Great war "The war to end all wars" and the next one WW2
This is a great read and still has some fresh ideas and articles

Armourer Bi Monthly all about collecting Militaria with some great Historical analysis and period pieces, got onto this for pricing about three years ago and still buying it:

And After the Battle good then a and stuff more good reference and History:

and WWII History: (10 years now) from Military Heritage
and six or seven issues a year per volume:

The next or Last part will Magazines that i sometimes buy as just don't have that much time to read and model and live

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