Monday, June 14, 2010

more books

been looking for this one on the net and bookstores hard to track down: but very good artwork mainly 1945 around Berlin 251s, Stugs, PzIV + Vs etc, No Hetzer altough
good painting ideas and a run down on battle strength in the East will try to get other books
from them.

add There is a Great idea's section flowing through here on fully enclosed shurtzen etc on Stugs and the Mesh skirts and the enclosement on latter Panzer IVs

And another book from the Elite Attack forces this time 5th Gebrigsjager Division and the Famous (infamous) Brandenbugers. good 190 page half/half on each subject with web sites (wether they still are effective but a lead in anyhow)
These books are well worth it and will do some research as to other titles....

........And the proof turret shutzen on a Panzer IV with Zimmeritt one clear photo

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