Monday, July 26, 2010

Pencil plans for various ideas in progress

the plans for a 1/72 armoured turret cover for M10 etc
to be done in brasstic??

shots with an Achilles but you get the idea of the turret top

                      And more projected plans for The Brown Water War in 1/ 72 scale (20mm) working out that maybe Balsa might be a goer but want to do in Plasticard then resin from a possible mold??
plans for Helipads and canvas covers etc to make Zippo's Command boats, Monitor's etc Hospital or Evac boats. See how this project goes

deck plans for HQ and Helipad
And the actual old plans from years ago for THE BROWN WATER WAR VN
Monitor and front end for various
more on this later as i do the Build but the LST first up

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