Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some work i,ve been commisioned to do

Work a Compilation of recent things

 The usual Stuka's and such part of 14 aircraft for a Winter Soviet and Fallschrim jager armies commision

And some Command and Aerosan bases started up

The German Vechiles and some of my recon work

 And the Soviet WW2 in Winter white wash

 the Aerosans started out glued down

 the Aerosans "never again"  No are a lot beeter once based and then able to work on and detail
Just the skids and the propellers kept on coming off Super glue Super Glue

 and some workbench shots well more some soft board i have made into movement trays so i can pick up and move thing around.

Will post the completed and varnished shots as well

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