Friday, January 14, 2011

20 mm Moderns part 1

Ok Scans from Years ago Part one of three I think

   Some Warsaw Pact testers from Platoon 20 that i started to work out Pact Camos

                                  Skytrex (Hincliffe)?  Dogs of War from Firefight 20 range 

                                          Dogs of War some started to paint up

Twilight 2000 again but more of the Females Grenadier and Platoon 20 figures

                                     A mix of Hotspur (? as to now are) Platoon 20 and Skytrex
                                         Vietnam Civies and others S.A.S and Modern Police

Platoon 20 Mujahidin half finished

              Skytrex, Platoon 20, olde Hotspur Mercs and Irregluar troops and Civies,
                             Undercover Police rioters and such

                                S.A.S from Hotspur now ??? and 2 from Platoon 20

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