Monday, January 17, 2011

OK Star Wars as Wargaming

As an Old Star Wars Fan until they removed the Back Story of Boba Fett I use to Collect some odds and ends I only stopped because they were lost out of my Control, Hopefully someone else gets some enjoyment

                      But here is the First Phot of rebel fighters Micro Machines and etc

Reversed Image of Scouters
                                X wing in the larger Micro Models

Micro Machine Scouters from a set of 3 box collectables (Toys in the old Money)
The Sets of Infantry (?) tusken raiders, Stormtroopers, Hoth Rebels, Rebels etc from Micro Machines in a Blister pack of nine, I had a scale Millenium Falcon and it was full of these 15mm- slight 20mm figures
these are Scout troops
                                And some of my Imperial Stormtroopers, I was building these up as collecting only Original Trilogy and making a small force up with Speeders, AT-ST, Dewbacks and looking at AT-AT etc and whatever troops Commanders etc I could find as cheap as possible

                                 Scouts on Speeders in a bigger MP etc

                                              The Imperial Navy has Jumped into the Sector

So the Rebellion is coming going or just being the Rebellion

So I have the 2009? versions of the Filems on DVD still wrapped in Plastic in a box set unwatched
Shows how much of a fan I turned out to be.


  1. I'm interested in the smallest star wars micro machine ships (x-wings, a-wings, y-wings, b-wings, tie-fighters, tie bombers, tie interceptors). are they still available?

    i'd also like the large rebel transport in the last pic.

    if you're willing to sell those items as a lot, please let me know for how much, including shipping to 89123.


  2. These are long gone items by MicroMachine large one and figures and small in three pack blister packs
    I No longer have any of these Out of My Control
    So i wouldn't sell them.... But

    But If you would like me to track them down, and start buying them as in as I do my looking around

    Cheers Karcuss

    I had about 200 figures worth using as Wargaming