Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boxes of Models in Progress

these be mostly Abrams and M-60s by Esci and the dark green being a Hasegawa they were brought out storage about five years ago to be assessed and repaired

These two shots are of my Vietnam and Modern U.S army Helicopters
So Esci Hasegawa and Fujimi and some blatant rip offs mould for mould el cheapo copies
brought out at the same time, But blackhawks and UH - 1s and an Apache (which was to be totally black)

All Roco for Vietnam idea M48, Sheridan's, Cranes, mix and match for N.a.t.o and Vietnam
the M113 are some place else, I think i still have them with my Bradley's

And Modern West German
And Modern West German or at least a 1980S late force
but still a lot still in use, And there is a real old real bad British Cheiftan.

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