Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some 1/300 bits and Bobs 1!

Some Soviet Artillery and Stalin's Organs with various tanks from Scotia

1/300 Shermans to make a Company minus HQ all from "IN SERVICE MINIATURES "
i think??? Sandbagged, Wooden Armour, And Mesh side

On the Carpetmost of a few Companies out of a German Armoured recce unit and some 251/17s
and other softskins. And for once I still have all these, and am about to weather and varnish them.

A hell of a lot of Scotia HTs and Trucks with a mix of H&R and Skytrex and Irregular
as my softskin, Armoured Infantry and M5 reece unit, and tank Transporters etc
for my good ole U.S army. These are no longer in my pocession.

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