Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Armored Trains 1/300

H&R / Navwar armoured trains circa ten years ago:

The whole lot
and singled out on the scanner tray

The BP 42 ? armoured train will cut and paste to make the long one
but now have a 10mp camera and massive macro will do some action shots

and eventually against the monster 1/35 Dragon and Trumpeter beasts

The Modified tank hunter and flat car and works wagon (or I.U.D stopper)
well a mine stopper wagon:

The only Soviet train at the time there are two via Catologue
will buy and paint up at some stage:
Polish armoured train:

A Mainly military Railway Station

Panzerdraisiene at Station using various railway scenics suppliers:

If you know the maker of the crossing and bridge, as they came in a plastic baggy with titles as level crossings, switches, bulk ends and bridges.
The station is from Mainly Military


  1. Hey. Great post. Could you post pictures of all the trains from the sides or any other angle from the top? As far as I know there arnt any good pictures of the Navwar trains anywhere else on the internet.

  2. As these were years ago when camera were 1mp

    I use to flip my scanner upside down and made up a type of Camera box and the result is most of my old scans on this site as most of my 20mm are profiles etc and my 1/300 are all birds eye view etc, But will be grabbing some more trains from H&R and doing them as well woth a 10MP camera HOW ANCIENT!!!

    So sorry about the late reply But am on It for you and others

    cheers karcuss