Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vietnam 20mm

Some are lost some are still around, But in progress as they were.
From the Blog Draft Archive:
A collection of Moderns in 20mm and all the odds and Sods from platoon 20 and Skytrex
as in Civilians from Vietnam, Porters and U.s with Prisoners, and the Skytrex wounded,
The others are old Hotspur, S.W.A.T, Riot Police, and S.A.S with two from Platoon 20.

Closer view of Platoon 20 Buddhist Monks in progress
The Vietnam War in 20mm By Skytrex and Platoon 20:

the Australian Army 1966 - 1972 by platoon 20  , in primer etc

Skytrex U.S Forces sold in packs of 10 in the firefight Modern Range

Skytrex N.V.A (Vietcong) as well  sold in packs of 10 in the firefight Modern Range

                                          Platoon 20 Army of The Republic of Vietnam

Platoon 20 Vietcong and VC etc

                                           U.S Army/Marines figures Platoon 20 

I will Dig these Out and do some more painting as well as trying to do some more Brown Water Navy
Especially as the 20mm Skytrex Brown Water Navy Resin Kits are Out enabling all sorts of LCTs

More on this Later

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