Thursday, September 29, 2011

books on Berlin new old and replaced


 there is a theme in all these 2nd Hand Books that i was unaware of 
Just coincidence 
 Now about 50+ of these replacments from the Local second hand Op Shop In fact a Good Friend came over to the Newsagents I was  in and suggested, I Buy them. I was sold at First anyhow, and the price $10 the lot:

 Replace of Anton Beevons, No point not having it again Theme Starts from the Top Down now

 And this has been sitting on the Chapel Street Bazaars shelf for some time, so needed a new Home!

 And Yet another from Down the Street

 Ok, three boks on Berlin 1945 and several Magazines I assume

And As i was leaving the Second hand dealer on The Windsor railway Bridge, there were several boxes of books, I didn't go through them all but
Replaced an oldy but a goody Some Good Colour photos in this collection and the prices were dropped down for me


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