Monday, September 26, 2011

LST in Balsa Now

Ok so I finally Got around to buying some things ie Balsa wood plank which was about $10 so around a third of the Original plan:

                 Up against the planning board
The First pencilling and engraving

              Against the  paper cut out original
                      The Sugery commences
                We have two halves almost
           Let the cutting begin, the lesson is any curves use a model saw thin....

One half ready for it's partner needed to make up to 25mm in height 12.5mm x2
Plank size was 90cm long 75mm wide (?) and about 12.5mm (?13mm)

         Done the deed is?

      Just some PVA (Wood Glue) and a little warm water to spread it out!

       Both the halves glued and clamped, let them dry overnight:
Out in the Setting Sun it starts to take shape, just some repairs to the Bow and more sanding....

Have done work to Bow (making a paper machee slury of Balsa) and more of this later
Cheers Karcuss

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