Tuesday, October 4, 2011

20mm Vietnam Platoon 20 to Skytrex comparison

As a request, Bloging a Comparison of Skytrex to Platoon 20 of the Vietnam War ranges of both...

More to show the Skytrex Range as best I can......

Hope I didn't double up and tried to this in the Sunlight

So First The U.S etc.....

Just a first sample The Olive green dark are Platoon 20 the light green (right above) are Skytrex
will make comment if other, or might Just make comment So there (!)

Above and Below show some Skytrex are smaller and some bigger

The Most of (all) kneeling Skytrex with a few Platoon 20 on Phot left..

Interspersed with Platoon 20 to show Compatability

And again Some Are Giants some are smaller one of the Bigger Skytrex figures with one of the biggest Platoon 20 figures

They can be Big, But then sick of this evertning is the same size ie 1/35 figures...

the croching troops However blend in wait to do all these in a good paint Job

And then we have some Skytrex that seem a lot smaller...




Basically the Standing Kneeling Lot of Skytrex!

And some old FireFight 20  figures from Skytrex

Nice hey from 30 and more years ago

But some are not to Bad, with a paint Job?


And then there are some.....

 The Box of Modern 20mm......  (might do the Falklands)

 AND THE VC NVA vs Skytrex Platoon 20 of Something

The AKs can be a bit lack lustre etc

Just a few more ARVN Skytrex old FF 20

And FF20 NVA etc
Bagged Aussies and South Vietnamese Platoon 20

Scruffy could not care less at all

Skytrex above left to a Platoon 20 figure

2 Skytrex on above left with 4 platoon 20 figures

Again RPGs DPK etc Platoon 20 on the photo right

Skytrex RPG with Platoon 20 in the background

Blending in see how they work.....
Prone the one without base are the Platton 20 ones

Blending the clean basing in these are the Platoon 20

Again the cleaner bases are the Platoon 20.....
Any Questions will be answered on this or any single figures

And to Skytrex
I used to have all the Casualty sets and all the rider etc But have not seen them
and as to several sets i Know I lost in my Big loss
Ie Captives and wounded etc


Should get you to the actual Vietnam Page


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