Monday, October 3, 2011

October and Back books

More books Some Just in Last Days other from the last few months....

So a few in the Book case Great Fighting Planes from 1985 Just had some Great Artwork $5 and My continuing Osprey off shoot Great Battles Of World War II up to 39 (5 Missing will write to the Subscription offer)

And Some old Time Life books Leather Bound with letters from 1982 from Editor & Subscription
There were more But for 10 for $20 bucks, Just could Back them Home, and the next day all the others Gone as there were some Age of Sails Books.... (pity)

Just a look inside mostly good Essay type Chapters and some Good Famous Prints and Phots
and good Artwork within all (the Carriers at War is really Good), But R.A.F at War book...

   And again Some of the Exceptional titles,  With again good Information within as Long as it isn't so dated
as in Future Aircraft Design, But a good insight to thoughts from the Cold War era......
  Catapults is a good Diagram

Looks like i have made a decision to back to Napoleonics well i have a few Hundred Plastics but back to my interest in the Napoleonic 

Hard to Find But a 1983 in Pretty more than average condition, had the Aircraft version But seems they lost it will try again for a Cheap good Condition idea book,

 Covers most vechiles, But some good Artwofk should maybe have done the pages on D-Day funnies
It only cost under $15 with postage ex ABE books..
 Just a General look at pages......

 So one of My shelves/or work Bench that has been taken over........

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