Sunday, October 2, 2011

DML 1/6 SAS in progress

So decided as i had a spray can of Gloss Black and the Trains go past at 60 klicks so can't spray them,
That Just do the Under side, as should come up well with Metal and weathering and basically won't be seen

And the Engine Bay gets A work over as well, But only Battery pack and radiator will be in there
Shame as a Good Kit (cept the Huge Gap in the Instructions usual DML) lot of Guess work But being a seasoned Veteran of Plastic kits etc

How many to remove as she will be in the Western Desert circa 1942.....(?) But also to look different
Have a good picture of a Damaged Hood (Bonnet) So will try that.......

And work on Undercoating seats and an effect try on the Radiator will be doing in black But something of an Experiment of Tones (Toning)

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