Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tools of the TRADE 1#

Down the local $2 shop (reject shop) these adjustable clamps with a squeeze pump action to tighten right up, And there is a good deal of pressure. And a push button release to push and pull back on. Only bought the two, As only if i am building more than one kit at a time will i need more. (damn it!!) Like when would I have more than one thing at time being built?

Holding a (DML) Dragon figure for example of in use
The push button release just near my fore finger
Don't pump too hard when using your finger as a test of pressure, Because even the release button only allows you to pull back the clamp on the Metal alignment!!
As in it's not spring loaded!!.

and again a four pack of Spring clamps
You know walk in the shop and see these and you know the only thing in your head is "for Models".

In use, well for the Phot, Anyway

just another shot and a possible use underneath as the background?!
will four be enough

Am thinking if I see these again then possible double or triple up
But only to replace Australia post rubber bands and clothes pegs.
No they are still in use, Just sometimes those rubber band are Just not workable
Something will break, Or too tight or loose etc.

Now i will do the compartment boxes I have been finding.Rough idea of what I mean by Australia Post rubber bands
Matchbox and Airfix Churchill by the Way?

Cheers Karcuss

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