Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1/300 Modern Air Cushioned (scotia)

The LCAC should get 4 or 5 when I ever replace these

Scota Ship to Shore STS-08 L.C.A.C lcac about (8.50 pounds sterling)

The Scotia Lebed and AIST:

Scota Ship to Shore STS-12 LEBED about (8 pounds sterling)

will replace these as a lot of ten and sell off or sawp to have about 6 Lebed i did have this one and two others in store

Scota Ship to Shore STS 38 AIST ACV about (18 pounds sterling)
(mee thinks that is the weight as well)

had this and another in store, but next time 3!

Both the AIST and Lebed with different scanner lighting
again before i had my Macro you beaut IXUS 95 camera:

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