Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1/72 Recce and...

Some 1/72 scans from about three years ago
again with the scanner upside down:
(No camera back then)

But a Comparison of Hasegawa and Dragon 251/1D basic interior

and just the Hasegawa 251 as scanned
234s and converted 251 from Hasegawa with the Dragon 251 with the lid on

Other various Airfix 222, Italeri (esci) 250/9, the Hasegawa 251 again, Puma and Dragon Panther F

Hasegawa 'Puma' scanned

The start of the Dragon Stug just to show what i did with the scanner

And some Caesar Late war germans to be '44 SS infantry circa LAH division Normandy or so
ready for pea pattern etc, and three years on still waiting

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