Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hasegawa 1946 251s

two easy conversion of Hasegawa 251
by placing plasticard cut to measurements to cover trop compartment minimal filler and sanding

and cut a hole to fit the 234/1 A/C turret
Thinking there may be a better alternative for the HANGELAFETTE turret

But still again not finished and working out the camo scheme
the IFV will be in Ambush scheme!

a full I.F.V type
(will do again with some sort of Hatch or Cupola -(see spares box))
so there can be a MG42 or something

Sd.Kfz 251/23D

The Hangelafette turret close fair bit of weathering and dry brushing to get to look like mesh

Combat try phots

Into the combat zone with a squad of Panzer Grenadier ala Caesar

More of the Infantry sets later

cheers Karcuss

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