Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1/300 Concrete Airbase

Ok another one appears, but this is what i actually wanted to do in the first place, A neutral type Modern place where Aircraft are parked (sort of thing)

So i pencilled it rough, and the inked out with ruler and pen.
I decided on a angle to give it that well you can see works a bit better as it is only a photo backor bottom drop.
So you can see how it works!
 All acyrlic poster type paints and some tamiya XF -20 and others (Field grey) as Concrete and then roads in and dirt etc, Then redoing the lines with a .5mm black pen etc,
And the final almost finished but usable, with mild weathering and a pencil to mark out wear and tear and mild cracking must have been a B-52 or F-111 there at some Stage!
And all we need is to grass it, and she is done

More later Karcuss

Any requests???

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