Thursday, September 16, 2010

1/300 Airfield base for Photo set

Just did this in about 20 minutes Just Now as an Idea for a diaroma base for taking photos
Will be doing a beach for 1/300 landing craft and well everthing, Just So I can keep on blogging more ideas
and showing off my work,

So the first one is my drawn up Penciled Runway and exit/entry turnoff and a Vechiles roadway

Quick bit of brown round the edges, and some Cadium and lighter brown as filler,
Will touch up and Green, Maybe some Static Grass Galeforce9

And basically what i will be using it for, Getting my drift, I will work out the lines etc more black
and possibly Grey it down with Concrete Lines etc 

Any ideas, More as i finish this off

Cheers Karcuss

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