Thursday, September 16, 2010

Airfix Mine Flail redone

Just making up two of my Airfix reissue Sherman Flail tanks, and hopefully if you need to make them look Just a bit better than a very worn out hair brush.!
It just requires a fair bit of bending and lots of glue, But basically leaving three rows intact the middle bottom being the lowest and remains as molded the bending in carefully and loosely the outter bottoms so they hang down straight as well (minimal bending) If they break just glue in place but also you will be able to put a little bend in them, If they do!

The very top and the top outers can be bent down if careful but again better to cut off and with pliers and testing to bend to the required down to Earth look then a a bit of Styrene glue (Revell)
hanging them over the barrel mehanism both ways.

And just make a jig to keep them in the air to dry bit by bit
Best to do in a session where you are making a few kits at once (heaven forbid!!!) or painting 2000 Wargames figures at once and doing 60 vechiles is usually the best time!!!

See the phots and they should show you how to do it.

Next is some chain (well soon)

cheers Karcuss

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