Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1/72 Plastic Imperial Romans

 Various Manufactures but actuallu only Hat and Esci now done by Italeri  including an old Atlantic figure
 Hat 8067 Roman Auxiliaries (numeri) in green and red have to replace these and get some Zvezda Aux as well, But two boxes to get a number of Eastern Archers, Spare others will go over to Enemies of Rome to Build up Numbers

 Hat 8065 Roman Auxillaries (One of my Favouite words) (and troop type) again replace with 2 boxes and 2 boxes of Zvezda!!

Red ad Green Eastern Archers with two boxes of Hat that gives me 48 archers and then Zvezda gives me at two boxes another 24. Might blog the available figures for Rome etc and my ideas ??


  1. I too have some of the HAT Auxilliaries in the table at present. Nice figures.

  2. Most of these are from the scanner years ago and are MIA waiting to be replaced, See if you Blog your Auxilliaries