Sunday, August 1, 2010

1/300 general box loads

Some old and newer shots of my fishing tackle boxes used to store by 1/300th Companies

The only missing stuff are a few  German ACs and Brummbars and i had several Sturmtigers and Maus's all gone,

But all WW2 stuff:  

and if you ever see these about they are my missing US WW2 but the hard to get sandbagged Shermans
and M36s Just gave me some variants to make up about four Companies of Shermans, i wasn't going to do more than just a Company here and there as attachment to Brits, But Somewhere on My Blog is the tray of Trucks, M3 Stuarties and M3 Hts and some (funnies) So going a whole Combat group with Chaffeasand Pershings to mix in and out

                                 some Yanks that i still have

oops dropped the box of Russians

But all H&R (Navwar), Irregular, Skytrex, Scotia

so more on the way getting right back into 1/300 working on a few as we speak and a few commisions, just need a few bucks and some more will appear.  But using the photos for a blog entry viola

cheers Karcuss

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