Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more books, more on Wargaming

So picked up these Gems over the last week

 Found this one and was about $15 so thought about it and went back, and bought a few more at a discount
from 1976, But because it is Peter Chamberlain , is  a good point. and Terry Gander
But some vechiles i didn't know about (variants) and clears up the M30 to M32 thingy, but vechiles as variants of others
etc B2 etc etc and where all the Grant/Lees went to, to make...
 Well till I publish my own Sherman book, Or vechiles from the Allies

 Then this one at $12 which is from 1990-1? But seemed  to worth the start in old Wargaming Books and rules, Which i am about to Venture in , More about replacing Command Decision, Shako, Firefly etc etc
and Twilight 2000 and some other Role playing Board Games.

 More about theory and what is about (albiet 20 years past) such as Militara (now Battlefield minus a lot of items)

And last a replacement book from the Soviet perspective, A good read but well it is from the Cold War
good to cross reference. And have in my library anyhow.....

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