Monday, August 9, 2010

tool boxes for soldiers or?



some compartment boxes brought from Officeworks and The reject shop for all those bits and bob's but great for all my collecyion toy soldiers

the big $5 one from the Reject Shop

$ 2.80 KEJI from Officeworks (Australia)

                                and these are $2 and the only thing is the compartments are set
                                               but seem to be the right size anyhow
                                 Pushing to get a platoon but two sections of 20mm work out OK

So a tonne of Platoon 20 and Skytrex and the Grenadier miniatures Twilight 2000 figures 
more of that in the Blog after this

and lastly but not leastly the 2 for $2 shallow lunch boxes they have a deeper one ar a similar deal but have yet to use them for anything, But maybe Artillery and Cavalry in 28mm, see when i get around to making up my Victrix Perry and Warlord Games stuff Napoleonics and Ancients

just right for painting projects etc as the 1/300th stuff shows

cheers Karcuss

errata straight up:

another shot of the reject shop $2 compartment box

and the large Fridge tray food tray
with some 1/300 work in it

and found some shots of the deeper Lunchbox from the Reject shop and still selling 2 for $2.50 about 3 inches high.


  1. I also got some similar boxes recently with removable walls between the compartments for storing soldiers in. I also cut some soft material and laid in the bottom of the compartments for some protection against shocks or damage on the painted figures and so on.

  2. if you know where to get the foam in rolls? or sheets
    that are used in like Flames of War Blister packs.
    i used to able to buy it in packs of metre square in 1mm 2mm 5mm 10mm heights!

    I did this Blog in reponse to the discussion on Yahoo 6mm Group about Storage

  3. First i used this blue foam from the Twilight 2000 packs, but when i run out of it i got some of these foam rolls thats used when laying floor. So a construction store should have something similar, i got mine from a friend that some meters of foam left since changing floor in their house.

  4. And you have ten years worth.
    need to be in the right place at the right time, But that is exactly the stuff.

    We have a place called Clark rubber which is a specialized dept store. So will try them.

    As need to pack stuff a lot better for movement storage.
    And when i send back commisioned work.