Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Marines from Skytrex

Just trying use up some Tamiya  green Olive Green Xf-58 with some watering down has come up on these Skytrex Firefight 20 U.S Vietnam figures 
so the start of another Blog will be missing figures Platoon 20 missing numbers The Battlefield Miniatures missing doing an Excel sheet at some Stage!?.
and some other Platoon 20 stuff in the box probably about 500 metal figures there is the whole Modern range and 95% of the Vietnam range with some Hotspur (now is well under Stonwell Games??) and most of the Nam Skytrex>
And a cigar box full of Platoon 20 U.S Vietnam figures painted 10 years plus back, But back into Service very soon, missing the few civilians and the Water buffaloe and the M48s  M113 etc

So anyone who can find the olde Quality Cast ??? sets of Vietnam
or someone who can furnish the molds (or is it Moulds)

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