Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grenadier's Twilight 2000

TWILIGHT 2000 by Grenadier Miniatures circa 1985 


the whole bunch get together for a Picnic reunion  

Heavy weapons there are also two pack mules loaded up but these have Ral Partha on the bases so no prizes for guessing who made them. (haven't takem a photo of them yet either!!!)
 So apparently missing a few sets

And the dusty Ral Partha  Twilight 2000 figures U.S Infantry  have 25 figures but 4 doubles as and one is a triple see Warsaw pact photo in a sec.

look at them at Home on my Dusty shelf

and here it is Warsaw Pact: Ral Partha
The other set is in An Earlier Blog and am in process of painting them

the Platoon 20 (6) 2 Polish Guys and 4 females


Because this Blog was more about me searching through old stuff from an idea 1/87 Military  yahoo Group
and re lighting the fire i suppose as Twilight 2000 sees a bit or resurgance and there is now 2013 as well!
I have moved some of my Guys into a New apartment block poor old Esci Vietcong by Himself
Metal versus Plastic rasicm. Ha Ha

and the old boxes that Platoon 20 would send there Shipments in come in useful, but this how they are stored in a bigger box withh most of My Vietnam (skytrex as well)  and Moderns from Platoon 20

more on the Platoon 20 and work started on Green Marines etc as i write my next Blog in Prep.

Cheers All Karcuss


  1. Question, how do the Ral Partha and Grenadier compare to each other, as well as to the Platoon 20 line?

  2. Hey Panzerfaust

    Thanks for jumping on board

    The Ral Partha are 25mm and the Grenadier are spot on 20mm as in they fit in, and the Platoon 20 are the same.
    i'll do a quick blog of comparison if you so wish, Am working on a Platoon 20 Blog and will do a Moderns new one as they are still unpainted and stored basically only the Mudajieen figures missing!!