Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Roman Bridge in 28mm Project

An idea for some quick Scenary: In this case a Roman type Bridge

Just gluing Icy pole (ice cream) sticks err Coffe stirers into a square panel

Then when dry to clean up the ends with marking with ruler and pencil the sides of Bridge and the end support beams (struts??) see below on struts.

                                                                         ready to start

my Original template as to the finished section will look like

When the marking is done scribing will make it a little Easier try it on both sides by simply marking around the top and bottom to the reverse side and using ruler and pencil again. as you will have to cut or score both sides or the Balsa will splinter.

Again cut both sides a small model saw is best and again slowly and try to to cut round from bottom to top
So you can reverse and cut again on the rear

Amost there with both sides cut it will eventually just saw through with minimal splintering if any

                                                                    That's that done

my Original template or tester

                                So the three new ones and the Original template,
                           running a Black ink pen down the gaps will bring out some detail

                                   And all three will make a good length roman Bridge

and a bit of Brown to make it look wooded grain

So more on the sides and Finishing it of later (when i get around to It more like) but also will use the Wargames Illustrated article on bridges from about a Year ago

cheers Karcuss

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