Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cheap 6mm Trenches

A quick Project from the Yahoo 6mm Group discussion idea:

Nice bit of scrap card but the firmer the better and even plastic coated sided 
Then pencil out with ruler the basic side of each piece
And cut out well easier with a pair of scissors

Low relief Trenches and such

Just draw out in pencil what you wish your trench (foxhole, dugout etc) in pencil to look like
then seems to be better to just paint in browns or whatever colour suites the actual "dug" part  
The Ingredients to mix up for like sand and PVA glue Acrylic paint in your desired colour (not necessary But helps later on)
So mix up paint PVA and some warm water in 1/3 each less is better of Water but can add can't remove ant of the mix
In the mixing bowl of some old dip (well no Dip, and not, old as we ate it!!!) 
Just keep mixing it up with stirer or old brush 
To make a nice paste up not to runny not to thick but if thick can add a little water but this is more about it all soaking into the sand, and the colour will coat and blend in
Then apply to outside or ground area around the trench

Was to sprinkle sand on but better to dump snad and when dry or drier as in adhered, to shake of upside down Just tapping lightly with finger on bottom of base, over Newspaper or back into the stock.

So it will end up something like this
then go full hog and do sixty at once

So easy when you get the hang of things
And let left dry which is usually quite quick if you have the mixture right!
Then adding another layer by repeating the process
Then keep on building it up ready for trees logs grassing etc
"Keep your soviet Armour off the grass! Please" 
So there is a bear in there!

Just a Visual on how they will work in 6mm
Rommel has to inspect things

Ready for more work, but again that is another story for another day
These took no time at all, So can be built up etc and added to, they will also be castable.
So adding damage, boxes, little doors, debries etc.....

cheers Karcuss

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