Monday, November 8, 2010

Warsaw pact era Helicopters 1/300 (in work progress)

 Shots of Skytrex Mi 6 which is very basic and was damaged with the tail fins, and no rotor supplied

 again to keep the weight down, as had a B-52 and hercules and two smaller Antonovs can not think of them of the top of my head (as in Catologue numbers), are are only mentioned as they are good and quite bulky.

 H&R Mi8 "Hip"s with rotors and the Sytrex version which comes with a Plastic card with circles (discs) to cut out for rotors....

 And "Hinds"  from H&R and Scotia and Skytrex I am missing at least two I can think of, and my next orders will make the Wargaming sky full of Red stars

 And now I am just being arty......

And just a look, while I continue to paint them...
More later on these, just doing this as a Question on Mil 26

cheers Karcuss


  1. They are not finished, But did these shots to
    just show the Skytrex Model, and will do the Camoed ones as soon as finished