Monday, November 8, 2010

Tactical Symbols 2# The Answer

 So more groupings, which i now have an answer to
it is basically a Group possibly temporary as in Kampfgruppe for the Germans
but basically the same or similar size to Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, regiment.

As above a more permanent as in Self proppelled Artillery for CCA CCB CCR establishment
in the Artillery grouping in Armored (Armoured) Div (U.S)1944 as a Brigade

and the Artillery as a regiment in a 1944 US Infantry Division.

Then we go to Manchuria etc 1945 and have the Soviet 36th Army with two Groups (corps) one a forward detatchment as forward Scouts being well over a Division of attachments (can see all the JS 152s 122s etc)
and then the Operational group as (and the Question never seen that symbol)
I assume a  A mis-done infantry Div or misprint armour (armor) assume former.

So as temporary unit, Kamfgruppe or as near to size..
comments always accepted...

cheers Karcuss

next up Halle reserves at Waterloo and where the 81st?,  29th,  25th(Antwerp?),  37th(Bel?),78th(Bel?),   British were? and the 2nd Dragoon Guards (Bel?)

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