Monday, November 8, 2010

Twilight 2000 Comparisons

   So as promised to some one a comparison of Twilight 2000, Ral Partha, Grenadier and Platoon 20.

 But the 28mm Ral Partha to the four of the six Platoon 20 (The Polish ones)

 Again by them selves the Joys of Digital cameras, I deleted 10 phots as not good enough
But greta to take 20 -30 shots and weed them out like the Pros aghhhhh... (sigh of relief)

 So top row will be Ral Partha and a Sktrex Merc with the South African grenade Launcher
 Then a Ral Partha with the whole Platoon 20 lot (that would be all six) and A Grenadier Minatures with the RPG and then another Skytrex Merc with the Heavy MG. 

And the bottom row are the five Grenadier miniatures with the typical Border Guard Warsaw pact Soviet from Ral Partha for comparison

More later as always
cheers Karcuss

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